The Adleta Group is comprised of three entities all working to serve the tri-state area. These include Adleta Construction, RLA Utilities and Buckeye Utilities. Adleta Group services include, but are not limited to Roadway and Commercial Services, Utility Work, Natural Gas Services, Restoration, Excavation and Straight-Line Sawing. We also offer Directional Drilling and Boring in the Telecommunication Industry as well Flagging and Traffic Control Services.

Adleta Group has developed over the last 40 years with the start of Adleta Construction in 1979 by owner Robert L Adleta. His vision and dedication to the construction industry is the foundation of the Adleta Group. RLA Utilities was developed in 1996 by Robert L Adleta and Robert L Adleta II to service mainly Natural Gas Utilities and Services. In 2008, Buckeye Utilities was formed to support both Adleta Construction and RLA Utilities.

The Adleta Group prides itself on the excellence we deliver to our clients through each of our entities (Adleta Construction, RLA Utilities and Buckeye Utilities). Our safety standards are second to none and we promote Adleta Work Place Safety (AWPS) each and every day on every job. Our professionalism, integrity and honesty allow us to not only stand behind what we do but also stand “on top” of what we do. Through our three divisions, we have created teamwork that is unsurpassed in our industry.

We offer state of the art training in safety, field work and in our technology. We start early in the planning process to make sure that we are prepared for each job and routinely access our work to make sure we are ready if any change or adjustment needs to be made. Safety of our employees is a primary focus as “we want to make sure each employee goes home every night.” We provide our own “in house” safety training program and our Safety Director and Manager makes sure that each individual is trained in our own training facility to the fullest capability. We will not compromise our work or jeopardize our employees’ safety at any given time. Please visit the list on our website for all of the safety practices in which we provide training.

We look for individuals who have a “desire to learn,” we provide them with state of the art equipment and operational training skills. We offer training in CDL Truck License Training, Natural Gas Operations Training and Directional Drill Training, just to mention a few. All of our foremen in the work field are also equipped with apps that apply to the line of work we execute and safety practices we teach.

The commitment we make to giving back to the community is just as important as the work we do. Adleta Group regularly supports many local, civic, government and other charitable organizations.

Our success would not be possible without the commitment we make to our partners and the professionalism we exhibit. Our collaboration partners who help to contribute to our success include:
• Allied Construction Industries
• Road to Safety – performs regular spot checks on Adleta construction employees to make sure we are providing our employees with a safe work environment. Road to Safety provides our OSHA 30 and OSHA 10 Training as well.
• OUPS – Ohio Utility Protection Services
• DCA Distribution Contractors Association
• SWOUSC – Southwest Ohio Utility Safety Council
• All Employees participate in Tri Health’s Drug Free Work Place Program (DFWP), Certification is completed annually.

Adleta Group Mission Statement

The Adleta Group is a pre-eminent, Cincinnati-based company that is committed to developing and maintaining long term relationships with our customers and the communities where we work and live. We are dedicated to preserving and cultivating a culture of safety in everything we do everyday. Our pledge is to exceed expectations in the field by working with integrity and respect for our customers, employees, subcontractors, suppliers and associates. Adleta Work Place Safety (AWPS) is part of our daily practice through our own “in house” safety training center.

  • Principles and Values

  • Safety, Quality and Quantity

  • Dedicated, Strong Leadership

  • Professionalism, Integrity and Honesty - Stand behind and "on top" of what we do

  • Accountable and Responsible